Delibrand is a design and branding studio established by designer Brent Spencer in 2002.

Delibrand's focus is simply to do good work. Our brand-centric approach to design, technology and communications is for organisations who are ready to think beyond the confines of their business and into the possibilities of their brand in the digital age.
We've been here since the beginnings of the web, but still grew up listening to records and tape decks. In terms of our art, this is where our deep love of analogue techniques comes from. We thrive in the space between online and offline, visual and tactile, strategic and creative. We use data to enrich our work and technology to proliferate your message.

Our approach incorporates a seamless blend between analysis and play, between curiosity and investigation.

Delibrand is a space where your truth is distilled into art-driven communication for growth and engagement.
We're for those hungry enough to become bywords for prestige in their field. For those who aren't content to be just a business, but to live on as a brand. For those who know that they provide much more than just a product or service, they facilitate an experience.

Delibrand helps our clients to make these experiences meaningful and memorable.